Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Nature Scavenger Hunt

                                             The carton we collected the nature items in.
Colleen came and took the TK class on a nature scavenger hunt at the Newell park. We searched for leaves, a pinecone, 2 rocks the same size, a twig that is shaped like a "y", some grass, a dandelion, apine needles, a feather, an ant, and 2 special "treasures" that they got to choose. We never found any feathers, so we substituted that for a piece of bark. The weather was great, and we had a fun time!

WORMS: Our garden helpers

                                           Our worm habitat showing where the worms have tunneled.
      We learned all about worms and that they are very helpful to have in our gardens. We learned that they have no eyes, nose, or ears, and that they must remain moist in order to breathe. We also learned that they must come to the surface during a heavy rain or they will drown. They loved holding the worms and watching them wiggle.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

BV Soil & Conservation Poster Contest Winners

                                                             TK Poster Winners!!
                                 Newell-Fonda Poster Winners! This years topic was Pollinators!
                                                          Samuel won 5th place !

Gregorio won 4th place!
   Hunter won first prize in the preschool division and will receive a plane ride! 

Katie brings a falcon to visit TK

Katie came to TK and taught us about birds. She showed us some different kinds of feathers. She brought along a falcon named Scar. We learned that Scar likes to eat mice.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Egg Hunt

                                                          Ready for the egg hunt
                                                           And the hunt begins          
                                                       Eggs have all been collected
                            Bunny game where he gets to hide the eggs and then the others find them
                                           Rice Krispie treat with juice before the hunt began

Jelly Bean Math

                     We practiced sorting, graphing, and making tally marks using jelly beans.

Spring Concert

                                            Looking good and ready to sing!!!
                   The TK & Kindergarten kids sang together. They did a great job at the Spring Concert.